How Marketing Consultants Can Market Your Business Blog

Many marketing consultants spend some of their time helping businesses market their blog. Why? Because blogs are a way to reach out to customers that goes above and beyond the traditional website. While your business website may describe in great detail exactly what your business is, how it operates, what your business philosophy is, and how clients can contact you, a blog is more informal. Blogs help show a personal side to the business world.

For example, a realtor who has a professional website detailing listings still remains somewhat of a mystery to potential clients. But a realtor who has a professional website and a link to his or her blog allows potential clients a different look at their personality and business sense. That’s because you can include blog posts that are personal stories, information about your industry, professional advice with personal anecdotes, and run contests or giveaways. Your blog is a means to reach a wide audience and get them to want to work with you.

How Marketing Consultants Can Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

One reason you may not be reaching clients with your website or blog is because you don’t have it optimised to attract the search engines. When an Internet user plugs in a few keywords, the search engine crawls around looking for the best possible matches. If your site isn’t optimized for any of the keywords commonly used to search for your type of business, your site will get buried pages deep in the results, and only those familiar with your product or service will know to search for you.

Marketing consultants understand what it means to optimize a blog for the search engines. Since search engine optimization can take a while to learn, your consultant will most likely recommend that you consider hiring someone to optimize your blog and website. This can be a freelance writer who creates the majority of your blog posts or a web design company that specializes in blog optimization.

Advertise Your Blog

Just like a website, if no one knows your blog exists you won’t have any readers. A consultant can help get your business on social networking sites that allow advertising. You can post on these networks when you have a new blog post or when you want to direct someone to your blog. Your consultant will explain how to maintain a presence on these sites without seeming like you’re posting just for promotion. By using marketing consultants to create and advertise your blog, you draw in potential clients and build your brand.